To take part to guided excursions  it is necessary to be members of the sports society (15,00€  for ordinary members and 8,00€ for young members under 18). The card is valid for one year and includes insurance.

Parental written consent is requested for kids under 18.

The cost varies according to the type of excursion  and to the amount of participants (max 8); please check price-list. Particular promotions and offers will be published periodically in the division “News”.
Please feel free  to contact us for a gratis, non-binding quote. All participants shall have a valid medical certificate certifying personal fitness to non-agonistic sports  or subscribe a self-certificate attesting personal fitness to sports and shall respect all indications provided by the instructor. You can download both forms to become members of the sports society in the special division. Participants shall also personally provide following equipment:

  1. Revised MTB

  2. Backpack

  3. Water Bottle

  4. Spare Inner Tube

  5. Jacket or warm sweater

  6. Cape or k-way

  7. Gloves

  8. Sun Glasses

  9. Helmet (obligatory)

  10. Energy food as chocolate

Some items/tools can be provided by the association or by the instructor; in case of lack of requested equipment, please advise the instructor the day before the departure. Helmet is obligatory and shall be always worn during excursions. As for suggestions above it may be necessary to arrange equipment in accordance with the instructor to face different situations in terms of weather or kind of excursion.