Discovery is a natural attitude of human beings and, even though in an accurately photographed world reported in its smallest details there seem to be no space left for exploration, often the contact with nature offers emotions revealed by the relation with what is around us and maybe with ourselves too.
Our enterprises would like to offer a series of “experiences” in the physical, real room, while reaching also an interior individual goal fit for moving personal emotions.
In order to reach this goal we use a wonderful, ecological vehicle, which tends to keep an ancient taste of adventure: the bike!
We are going to face down-hills which will pay us back the effort spent in tough up-hills. We will also try to deepen some cultural aspects of the territories we will pass through and experience culinary and wine attractions which will be certainly appreciated more than ever after some hours of riding.
We will travel through ancient paths, traces of a past world and of the people who dug them out of the mountains often suffering and struggling.
We will look for landscapes and places which inspired some of the most beautiful pages of Italian Literature of the 20th Century: we will rise up to the Fortress of Mount Chaberton (3130 mts) to discover the atmosphere of “Il Deserto dei Tartari of Italian writer Buzzati; we will also ride on the ancient “Vie del Sale “ (Salt Paths) on ridges between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps following the pages of “Vento Largo” of Italian author Biamonti.
Maybe we will get lost onto some lavender flowered plateau searching for the Verdon valley and it doesn’t matter if every place we will see has already been described or seen by others, because each one of us will find a personal and unexplored meaning in it.